Transformable wedding dress

abito da sposa trasformabile

Transformable wedding dress

7 June 2018 Informazioni e news

Main action of a wedding ceremony has always been the wedding dress and the transformable one is really able to leave everyone speechless. One dress, two different solutions. This is the great strength of the transformable dress: it allows the bride to change her look during the wedding day, allowing her not to give up both elegance and functionality. If for example you want a long train for the ceremony, but at the same time you do not want to give up to let loose on the dance floor, the transformable dress is what you need.

Simple and refined wedding dress

Elegant brides are likely to choose a simple and refined wedding dress. Aiming on clean lines, fine fabrics, discrete and precious details, will make it elegant and refined. The two styles that we propose are the bon ton and the boho-chic. The first, for those who love dresses with very feminine cuts, the second for future brides who love fashion inspired by bohemian and hippies. In short: choosing a simple dress does not necessarily mean giving up lace, what matters is its line.

Evergreen: mermaid wedding dress

Among the most beloved dresses, the mermaid wedding dress is still an up-to-date classic. Season after season, this kind of dress continues to be one of the options chosen by future brides, even in 2018. We recommend it preferably to women who have a sinuous silhouette, but it is not excluded the possibility of wearing it with other physicality. On the other hand, the mermaid dress draws the shapes in the most slender bodies, contains the softer ones and helps all the brides to express their femininity to the fullest.

2018 fashion: the bodices in wedding dresses

Nothing can enhance the bride’s waistline more than bodices in wedding dresses. It is a feminine and elegant element that, associated with the majesty of the long skirts of the dress, can only make the future bride a real princess. The 2018 fashion includes long bustiers that come to wrap the bride’s hips, perfect for those with a more pronounced side. Crystals, pearls and decorations are the protagonists again this year and the adorned bodices are real jewels. Finally, for the ones who dare most, there are the semi-transparent lace bodices.

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