Wedding bag

wedding bag perfetta

Wedding bag

9 July 2019 Informazioni e news

Do you want to catch the attention of your guests? This is a nice detail, born some years ago but still in use and well appreciated. The wedding bag is a small bag, a gift to give to each female guest. It can be a paper bag up to a little bag in fine fabric. It must be aligned with your wedding theme and colours.

What should be included in the wedding bag?

  1. Instructions for the whole day: program, Church address, map to get to the location …
  2. Gadgets, both to brighten the day of your guests and to keep as a souvenir.

A few examples: in summer it may be a fan or a hat; in autumn, a small umbrella, in winter a scarf. The mass book, rice cones, refreshing wipes, heel-protectors for the ladies and so on.

You could also think of a wedding bag for children with small toys to entertain them during the reception. The Memory or other travel games, paper and colored pencils, balloons to inflate … Children need have a funny day, which translates into a pleasant day for their parents too. Having ​​an animator and a corner dedicated to them is excellent and in this perspective the baby-wedding bag is part of the game

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