4 December 2017 Eventi

The little white card in its envelope looks a bit vintage, doesn’t it? Whether it is with or without sealing wax, more or less creative, it recalls an old tradition. Yet you can not skip this step, you must print the invitations. If it is true that in the era of social networks you can create an event and put all the details online, it is also true that not all your guests are social and not all of them have a voice & data contract with telephone companies, so your online event risks not to be seen by all your guests.

On the contrary, the invitation remain legible, it is there on the desk and can be slipped into the bag on the wedding day, with the address handy in case of fog (along the road or in the head).

I said more or less creative because the invitations have really changed over the years. Today we play with origami, for example, or with wedding bags. The choice is obviously based on the budget because creativity has a cost, even if you plan to make them home-made.

What matters most is the content.

The invitation card is not only an indication of place and date but must contain at least 3 other essential data.

1) Routes

Help your guests to reach the place of the ceremony and reception without getting lost in the countryside. Attach a map or information on how-to (both public and private transport) onto the invitation.

2) Confirmation

Include a postcard that your guests can use to reply and confirm their presence, give you information on their number and especially on their possible dietary needs. It is mandatory to know allergies or specific diets to better organize the menu

3) Remember

The invitation is trashed, often before, certainly after marriage. If you want to make sure that it will be conserved, you could use sowing paper so that it will become a flowery plant, or pack it together with a bookmark or gadget that your guests can use.

Obviously, a well done invitation greatly increases expectations because it is the first picture of your wedding reception and, we know, the first glance matters most!

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