Wedding location in the Langhe

Location per matrimonio nelle Langhe

Wedding location in the Langhe

29 June 2018 Informazioni e news

Speaking of beautiful Italian landscapes, we must mention a magical historical region in Piedmont that is also a UNESCO protected area: the Langhe. Choosing the Langhe as your wedding location  means choosing one of the most evocative areas in Northern Italy. With their extensive green hills, their Scotch pines, the streams that run through them, the Langhe are able to make your wedding day extremely romantic and fascinating. To choose the best place where to organize the reception, first you have to decide what you want more: for example a unique panoramic position, a refined enogastronomic proposal or an immersion in the vineyards.

The magic of a wedding in the Langhe

What can you get from a wedding in the Langhe? If you are fond of nature, the vast expanses of vineyards and orchards in this area of Piedmont will certainly leave you breathless. And more, the Langhe also welcome some expanses of Lavender that could allow you to organize a Provencal style wedding immersed in the characteristic color and scent of this flower. In addition to nature, the Langhe’s strenght is good food and good wine: several restaurants in the area are starred and offer refined traditional courses.

Barolo vine

Piedmont has ten vine areas: one of them is the Barolo vine. Barolo is a DOCG red wine from the Nebbiolo vines that comes to life after an aging process of at least 38 months, 18 of which in wooden barrels. This variety of wine matches perfectly with red meat, braised meat, game meat as well as aged cheeses. One of the most sought-after locations overlooking a 32 hectares vineyard is the Boscareto. Five-star luxury location for a gorgeous complex, cared for in every detail  and offering lots of comfort.

How to choose a restaurant in the Langhe

The wonderful landscapes and the typical meal courses make every restaurant of the Langhe an exceptional place for a wedding reception. Old times atmosphere, suggestive colors and genuine scents will in fact represent the perfect setting for you and your guests. If you are looking for a charming restaurant where rooms setting and staff professionalism are in first place; Carpe Noctem Et Diem is for you. The location has a large courtyard with a garden and a front porch, a room made of bricks and classic wooden and steel furniture. The restaurant also offers bedrooms to accommodate your guests who come from far away.


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