Wedding planner

Wedding Planner

S’Events means Wedding designer, because the wedding organization, destination wedding or Italian wedding, needs be customized, tailored on you: starting from your tastes, your dreams, your passions and especially from your personality.

I will build the event style, which will be totally tailor-made for you, just like a dress.

The great advantage, in addition to fully meeting your expectations, is that the work of the Wedding planner will be almost invisible, it shall be your wedding, not the designer’s.

Thanks to a wedding planner, you can save time and money, reduce stress and anxiety by improving your serenity in approaching this important day, choose from numerous selected suppliers.

It is estimated that a couple takes about 1000 hours to organize their wedding, much more when we speak about destination wedding. By entrusting yourself to a wedding planner, this time will be saved and dedicated to your life.

We will start with a first meeting, no commitment from both sides, when we will talk about you, your interests, your personalities, how you imagine your event.

Then I will take care of designing the event, subjecting you selected suppliers and managing the budget at your disposal.

My strong specialization is in destination wedding in Italy, the choice of many future foreign couples to organize their wedding in our country.

A trend that has grown a lot in recent years and requires great experience and efficiency, because the requests are very exclusive and customers can not be present in the inspections except when the plan for the wedding is close to conclusion.

Deep knowledge of my town Monza, Milan and Italy as a whole allows me to offer numerous solutions to suit every desire.