Wedding playlist

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Wedding playlist

6 June 2018 Informazioni e news

Every moment of the wedding day should have a very precise soundtrack, that’s why choosing the wedding playlist is very important. A reception perfectly organized in every small detail, as well as offering the right meal courses and being located in your dreamy location, must be accompanied by a perfect soundtrack. Choose between jazz fusion music, if you want to create a sophisticated and classy atmosphere, tango and dance if you prefer a romantic and lively atmosphere.

The melodies for an alternative wedding march

The first melody to consider is the one that must accompany the bride’s entrance. If you want a soundtrack different from Wagner’s widespread melody, you may opt for an alternative wedding march. The choice is varied: Mendelssohn’s wedding march, the “Canon in D major” by Johann Pachelbel and Elgar’s march, are among the most used. Although this is a minor detail for the guests, considering this aspect with particular care, will make the difference and will ensure a greater effect to your event.

The importance of choosing the songs for the wedding video

A movie without music would not transmit the same emotions as with background melodies. For this reason it is crucial to choose the songs for your wedding movie, in advance. All spouses have songs that remind them of the most beautiful moments they lived together. Including them in the wedding movie will make the memory of an extraordinary day even more unique. One song could be perfect for the bride’s dressing moments, another for the bride and groom’s exit and another for the wedding cake cutting.

What are the best songs for flash mobs at the wedding?

This idea may come from the spouses or from their guests and in recent years it is very fashionable: a flash mob. What are the songs for a more suitable wedding flash mob? If it is a gift that the bride wants to do to her groom, or vice-versa, she shall choose songs that are meaningful to the couple, which are well suited to communicate a nice message to the future husband or future wife .

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