Wedding reportage to live and feel the emotion every now and then

Reportage matrimoniali

Wedding reportage to live and feel the emotion every now and then

12 June 2018 Informazioni e news

If you want the memory of your wedding to remain imperishable, the advice is to get a professional wedding reportage. The most important moments of your yes day should never be forgotten; to immortalize them in a frame means to make them eternal. Commissioning a reportage will allow you to keep a more complete memory of your ceremony, including guests moods and songs performed.

Choose the songs for the wedding video

What is the soundtrack to suggest to your video-maker? Carefully choose the songs for your wedding video, if you want to get a perfect reportage of your yes day. First essential rule: not all songs are suitable for certain moments of the video. For example, if your ceremony will be religious, music must necessarily be softer and more solemn than that chosen as background for the reception scenes or even for a symbolic ceremony. If you decide to hire a gospel choir to celebrate your entrance to the altar, ask your video maker not to overlap any track during editing, it would be a shame!

English romantic songs for an exciting background

Saying “I love you” is a natural exercise driven by the power of feelings, but it can become an unforgettable moment thanks to the magic of some love songs. In addition to Italian music, our advice is to include romantic English songs in your reportage. Supporting the video with different songs in terms of rhythm, style and even language will make it much more catchy and evocative. For the scenes that precede the entrance to the reception room, we highly recommend intense pieces, of any kind: jazz, pop, rock or soul. Just to mention a few titles: A thousand years by Christina Perri, Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits or Home by Michael Bublè.

Dance songs during the reception

For the entrance to the reception, the welcome to the guests, the cake cutting and the games organized with your guests dance songs fit better and express all the happiness experienced during the day. After choosing the soft music for the first part of the report, you will have to give a more energetic cut to the subsequent scenes; some hints: Happy by Pharrell Williams, Viva la vida by Coldplay and Marry you by Bruno Mars.

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