What does the etiquette for baptism suggest?

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What does the etiquette for baptism suggest?

25 May 2018 Informazioni e news

Baptism is the first Catholic rite in many people’s life. The importance of this event makes it mandatory to stick to some rules drawn by the etiquette. In addition to the religious value, the rite often also takes on the meaning of welcome to life for the child. In fact, during the ceremony, the name chosen by the parents is assigned in a solemn way and in front of the community. For these reasons parents must carefully choose the godfather and the godmother for their baby, decide who and how to invite their guests, the best outfit to wear and attitudes and behavior to take.

What is the best outfit to wear at a Baptism?

Sobriety is a must in terms of best clothing to wear at a baptism. Basically, the best choice would be a complete suit with jacket and tie for gentlemen and suits or dress for ladies. The colors to avoid are dark colors like purple and black: a symbol of mourning and not suited to a happy ceremony like a baptism. The best way to keep a sober look is to avoid excessive jewelry, heavy makeup, necklines and too short skirts.

Godmother & godfather

The choice of the baby’s godfather and godmother is very important. This choice must be in the name of love: these two persons will take on the task of supporting the child in his/her growth. Make sure that they are aware of the importance of this task and accept with joy and responsibility to carry it out. Godmother and godfather do not have to be chosen among blood relatives, what matters is that parents feel confidence in the chosen people.

Guidelines to Baptism invitations

Usually the number of guests invited to a baptism, and the consequent number of invitations, is limited. Since this is an important ritual, usually only close relatives are invited to the ceremony or in any case who is really very close to the couple and the child. As the number of guests on average is around 20-25 people, it is advisable to create classic and hand-written invitations. Regarding the timing: invitations must be sent at least one month before the baptism and, one week before the event, you must call the guests to receive confirmation.

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