What to wear for a winter wedding

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What to wear for a winter wedding

18 May 2018 Informazioni e news

There are things that are absolutely sure: the romanticism of winter weddings is one of them, just like the rain during Easter Monday and the humidity that ruins your hair immediately after the hairdresser. Imagine a completely whitewashed scenario and two happy spouses who promise eternal love. Enchanting, isn’t it? Yet the winter season is certainly the less chosen by the spouses; main reason is the limits that inevitably imposes. For example, celebrating outdoors is very and even too complicated and, if inexperienced, you’ll face several difficulties in choosing the right clothes for yourselves and your guests. However, the atmosphere may be able to change your mind.

The winter wedding dress

As for the winter wedding dress, you can indulge in a wide choice. Surely the measures to  take are not few, but not necessarily it comes to waivers. For example, if you love necklines you can have your sweetheart neckline wedding dress, as long as you combine it with jackets, shawls, stoles, boleros or coats. As for footwear, appropriate warm shoes are recommended, to cope with potential bad and freeze weather. Boho-chic embroidered booths, for example, will mix functionality and elegance.

A warm fur coat for the bride

One of the latest trends in winter formal wear involves the use of a fur coat with which the bride can cover shoulders and sometimes even the head, provided that the hairstyle allows it. Surely it is one of the most elegant garments for winter weddings. There are many variations: classic shawls, fur coats with short or long sleeves or even simple cloaks. In case of dresses with deep necklines, then, a fur stole becomes necessary to protect the bride from the cold. Tips on colors? The most commonly used ones are white or blue ice, grey and silver. For those of you who dare and break the mold, you can also go for warm colors.

How the groom’s suit changes in winter

As for the bride, even the groom’s suit needs a makeover to face the freeze weather. The light summer fabrics such as linen and cotton are replaced by more appropriate and warm fabrics, but in terms of elegance they have nothing to envy to summer cloths. The most worn suit for winter weddings is definitely the smoking. You grooms, it’s your chance to customize it: you can embellish your suit with a coat, gloves and maybe even with a satin cylinder.

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