Why the destination wedding in Italy is so popular

Destination wedding Italy

Why the destination wedding in Italy is so popular

20 April 2018 Informazioni e news

Italy is increasingly being chosen by foreigners as a destination for their wedding: it is the so called “phenomenon” of destination wedding in Italy that is becoming more and more popular. The preferred destinations are Tuscany, Lombardy, Puglia and Campania, assaulted in summer by a large number of English, Americans and Australians.

Luxury wedding in “Italì”

Italy with its landscape and enchanting locations is the perfect place for luxury weddings. A wedding ceremony framed by a historic villa with majestic gardens can only be a luxury wedding, which remains imperishable in the memory of your guests.

What makes a luxury wedding – in addition to good taste in every detail- is the value of fabrics and materials chosen, as well as the flower design, themes and invitations. Foreigners who choose to get married in Italy usually want to set their wedding ceremony and party in dream locations: just think that, according to the data released by the Tourist Data Collection Center of Florence, the average expense per event is over 50,000 euros.

The destination wedding planner is foreigners’ best friend

The number of foreigners who get married in Italy is going up: the “Bel Paese” is in fact at the top of the list of European destinations preferred by foreigners. Worldwide, it is the second country, right after Hawaii. The reason? The history, the beautiful scenery and the charm of culture. An indispensable figure in these cases is the wedding planner: a professional expert in weddings and, above all, born and living in the area where the big event will take place, is essential to help future spouses with suppliers, logistics and bureaucracy.

Dream location for weddings

What are the dream locations for weddings in Italy? It depends on whether you prefer the sea, the mountains, the lake, the city or the countryside, depending on your taste. If you choose the lake, there are many villas with large gardens available. If you prefer a wedding in the middle of nature and quietness, a historic abode in the plains can be the ideal solution. If you go crazy for the sea, a location overlooking the coast is what’s right for you.

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