13 December 2017 Eventi

It is not the first time that we talk about the role of a Wedding Planner.

Let’s answer this question once again: “why do I have to pay for a WP when I can browse the internet?”

One of the reasons is THE SHIELD. Oh yes, the WP is a filter, a sort of shield between you and the storm of questions that come to the bride (as well as the couple).

Try to think of all the questions and doubts that already crowd your mind, from the moment you decide to get married. Now add all the ones coming from each supplier.

In numbers, if you have 100 questions, you will have 100 x 10 suppliers, other 1000 questions coming as text messages, emails, phone calls, which reach you at any time, when suppliers have time, when they decide to work on your event, maybe in the evening, on Sunday, during your lunch break or a drink with your friends.

Which questions? Everything and more.

The graphic designer who fails to read Aunt Adele surname to print on the escort card, the location manager who replaced the furniture in his location including the Parisian chairs you had chosen and wants your approval, the flower design who has a slot for the onsite inspection on Tuesday at 13:00 when you have a business meeting.

Obviously, the more the marriage is customized and peculiar, far from the standards, the more the requests for clarification, doubts and questions increase.

To have a good team is a must, to know all suppliers to minimize misunderstandings. Supplier are strangers to you while part of the team for your WP, every supplier is one among many of a list made up of reliable and trusted people who collaborate and understand each other without hindering one another.

You do not get any of this, not the questions, not the anxiety and frustration, the WP protects your peace of mind being there to answer your questions and solve your doubts.

  • Is there any doubt about the how-to? The suppliers call me.
  • Has something unexpected happened? They call me.
  • Is there any problem? They call me.
  • Have you changed your mind about a detail? Call me

The suppliers feel secure because they have a single contact to refer to, just like you, a single number in your address book for your entire wedding.

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